Anne-Mette Korczynski


Performance. A Social Constructionist Way in the Second Language Classroom

Location and moment are vigorous elements; people move around all the time and occupy different locations. The second language classroom is no exception, it is a location for a period of time for a group of people who wants to get the most out of their time in that particular location.

The aim of this dissertation is to present you with a different method to second language acquisition. The source for getting the process started was to let students define what motivation was for them. Their voices became the off-spring for the challenge of establishing a location with an atmosphere for enjoying and appreciating the moment in coordination and to let learning emerge. The official national frame for Danish as a second language is well established and different methods in second language teaching have a long tradition. In this dissertation I am proposing a social constructionist way in the second language classroom by writing myself into the long tradition of combining a theoretical view of language with a theory of learning in order to bring another method out in the open.