Smaro Markou

Social Worker, Family Therapist, Systemic Consultant, Supervisor and Trainer. 
Athens, Greece

Smaro has worked in Athens, Greece as a Systemic practitioner since 1986 with individuals, families, couples, groups and larger systems. In 1992 she created and since directed the “THESYS Center for Systemic Therapy”. She is a founding member of ELESYTH, Hellenic Association of Systemic Therapy, and member of the Board from 2007 to 2010.

In 2000, in collaboration with the Kensington Consultation Center Foundation and the ‘European Network of Systemic Practitioners’, Smaro Markou introduced in Greece the Social Constructionist ideas and more specifically the Systemic Appreciative Approach in family therapy, organisations, consulting and training. Since then, many Appreciative Inquiry training programs for managers, human resources people, psychologists and therapists have been organised in the Center. 

She is a certified adult trainer, conducting various workshops and seminars in organisations, companies, universities and communities in Greece and abroad. 

She has been working with couples for more than 25 years and has organised a nine month Couple Therapy training program for therapists since 2006. 

As a supervisor she works with small groups of systemic professionals, where all the experience and the knowledge is co-created. 

Since 2021 she has been invited by the University of Volos to organise, coordinate and teach Systemic Therapy to a training program for therapists. 

Her work with human systems is future oriented, focusing on the strengths, the abilities, and the best practice in every human system, to liberate the blocked energy and the living forces. The core of her practice is human communication; how reality is co-constructed through language and action and how change evolves by dreaming positive futures.