Philia Issari, Ph.D.

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
School of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology
Department of Psychology

Centre for Qualitative Research in Psychology & Psychosocial Well-being
Panepistimiopolis, Ilissia, Athens, Greece 15784

Phone: 0030-2107277460
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Philia Issari is Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding Director of the Centre for Qualitative Research in Psychology and Psychosocial Well-being at the Department of Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She studied Psychology at the Paris-Sorbonne University, and Counseling Psychology at New York University (M.A.), and University of California, Los Angeles (Ph.D). She also holds an M.A. in Classics (University of California, Los Angeles). She was a Guest Lecturer at the University of Roehampton (UK) and has taught at the University of Crete, and the European University of Cyprus.

Her teaching, research and therapeutic practices are influenced by social constructionist, collaborative, dialogic and narrative ideas. Her work focuses on counseling across cultures and social justice, as well as psychosocial aspects of health and well-being. She is interested in the use of visual and creative methods in research and therapeutic work, and she is currently working in qualitative research projects concerned with life-histories of refugees, unaccompanied refugee adolescents and mental health workers who work with refugees and immigrants in Greece (in collaboration with Medecins du Monde and Red Cross).

She is a member of several national and international associations including the European Network of Qualitative Inquiry (ENQI) ( Her work has been published in international journals; she is the main author of the e- book Qualitative Research in Psychology and Education (Hellenic Academic e-books, 2015,, and co-editor of the collective work Qualitative Research in Counseling Psychology (Pedio, 2018, in Gr.). She has also edited the Greek translation of Kenneth Gergen’s book Therapeutic Realities: Collaboration, Oppression and Relational Flow [Therapeutikes Pragmatikotites: Synergasia, Katapiesi kai Sxesiaki Roe}. Athens: Pedio (Original work published 2006).