Bojun Hu, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Embodied Relational Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, and Yoga Teacher.  
Beijing, China


Dr. Bojun Hu was born in Shanghai, China and immigrated to the United States at age nine. She has lived on the east coast of US for the past 15 years and is currently living in China to deepen her ancestral roots.  

Dr. Hu completed her clinical internship at Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Harvard Medical School, where she specialized in integrating mindfulness and Buddhist practices into relational dynamic therapy. She has integrated body-awareness and yoga into her clinical practice as ways of enacting relational alternatives. Her work has spanned a diverse array of populations, from adolescence to very old age, from high performing professionals to inmates, from people with everyday anxieties and sadness to chronically hospitalized patients. She relished these relationships, which have gifted her with opportunities to bear witness and compassionately attend to human aliveness. 

Her scholarly work has focused on the meanings of change and developmental processes. Through the lens of a sociocultural phenomenological methodology, she sought to understand the experience of her research participants and developed narratives to describe their unique realities and transformational alternatives.  

Dr. Hu is a certified yoga teacher and is developing an integrative, emotion-focused yoga practice. She is currently researching the use of embodied emotional processing within group settings, as a way of enhancing collaborative dialogues and interpersonal learning. 

She views the integration of movement into change processes as opening a new horizon for empowering narratives that honor relatedness. Dr. Hu has presented workshops nationally and regionally on the integration of embodied movement (such as Tai chi push hands and yoga) and group processes. She is also engaged in bringing relational integration into the area of systems (e.g., community, organizational) development in order to enhance each network’s capacity for cultural consciousness, strengths building, and community enlivenment. Dr. Hu is profoundly committed to deepening her understanding of the mind-body-relational connection through the language of neurobiology, psychology, movement, and poetry. 

Research Interests include:

  • Integration of embodied movement and psychotherapy in individual and group contexts.
  • Group dynamics / participatory leadership.
  • Cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration.
  • Narrative Inquiry / Socio-cultural phenomenology.
  • Action Research.
  • Women’s Studies.


  • 10+ years of therapy practice. 
  • 15 years of Meditation and Chan (Chinese Zen) practice.
  • 15 years of yoga practice, Iyengar and slow flow.  

She is enthused to join conversations and explore joint-projects concerning: 

  • Community Mental Health.    
  • Designing and facilitating learning experiences for professionals.
  • Relational and community art as forms of (re)creating social realities.
  • The application of social construction theory to coaching and supervising.