Stephen Bacon, Ph.D.

351 S. Hitchcock Way #B110 
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Phone: (805) 563-2820 

Dr. Stephen Bacon is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Santa Barbara. He has a long history of interest in how worldview structures an individual’s reality and how that interacts with the therapeutic relationship and the possibility of positive change and growth. In addition to his formal psychology training, Dr. Bacon has a degree in the Phenomenology of Religion, lived in a meditation center for almost six years, and wrote a book on metaphors and archetypes in experiential/adventure-based education (The Conscious Use of Metaphor in Outward Bound). He has studied a variety of high impact therapeutic approaches such as EMDR, NLP, hypnosis, and the Ericksonian model, and taught workshops and retreats on these subjects in the United States and Europe. 

In addition to his private practice of psychotherapy, Dr. Bacon also works as a coach for nonprofit and corporate executives and leaders. Outdoor adventure has been a major motif in his life. He was Vice President for Program Development for Outward Bound USA after being a field instructor and fulfilled his personal commitment to adventuring through blue water sailing, white water kayaking, canoeing and rafting, climbing, mountaineering and canyoneering. His latest book, Practicing Psychotherapy in Constructed Reality: Ritual, Charisma and Enhanced Client Outcomes, was published in 2018. Currently, he divides his time between his private practice, clinical supervision and writing articles and conducting workshops on Constructionism and Psychotherapy in the United States and internationally.