Al Gardiner, Ph.D.

Dean of Education at University College of the North (Retired)
Port Bruce, Ontario

Phone: 226-342-7403

Al Gardiner has earned a diploma in business from Centennial College, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Trent University, Bachelor of Education from University of Western Ontario, Master of Education the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto and Post-baccalaureate in Education from University of Manitoba. Al also has completed additional courses and programmes in counseling, special education and school administration.   Through the Taos Institute and Tilburg University, Al conducted doctoral research on Social Constructionism and education.  Al had the Doctor of Philosophy degree conferred by Tilburg University in May, 2015.   The focus of Al’s research was Social Constructionism and inclusive education within an Aboriginal and northern context. 

Al Gardiner has over thirty years of experience in education.  Al has been a classroom teacher, school counselor, school administrator and a superintendent of schools. Al was an instructor in the Applied Counselling Programme at Keewatin Community College.  Al had been employed as Dean of Education in the Faculty of Education at University College of the North.  Al was also research team member of the Vital Outcomes Indicator for Community Engagement, a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded project, VOICE project link:

Al has also held leadership positions in the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, and the Rotary Club of The Pas. Al Gardiner has been presented with the Kelsey School Division Recognition Award and Lorimer Award by University College of the North for outstanding contributions to education and Rotary’s Paul Harris Award for “service above self”.

Al is an active member of the St. Thomas Railway City Rotary Club with his focus being  programmes for youth and children and also is an independent researcher with interests in inclusive education and social equality from a Social Constructionist perspective.

Presidents’ Council Award

Al Gardiner accepts the President’s Council Award from the Manitoba School Board Association and acknowledges the importance of collaborative leadership:

Ms. Amanda Lathlin, Member of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly speaking about Al Gardiner’s selection for the Presidents’ Council Award: