Xuejun Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
Department of Educational Administration and Policy
College of Education Science
Nanjing Normal University

122 Ninghai Road
Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
P.R.China, 210097

Mobile: 86-139-5178-3044
Email: chenxj78@gmail.com
Web: http://jky.njnu.edu.cn/xyjs/2014-1/135128_472570.html

Dr. Xuejun Chen is an associate Professor of educational leadership at College of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University. His areas of interest in research, instruction, and dissertation advising include the analysis of the roles of educational leader in a changing environment and leadership succession in the flied of basic education, the study of the approaches of school development, and the research of educational administration practices and thoughts in the period of the Republic of China.

He is a member of Chinese National Professional Committee of Educational Administration and the secretary of Jiangsu Professional Committee of Educational Administration. He is also a panelist of a working group for Editorship of Education Administration Cases within the framework of National Education Professional Degrees since 2013.

He recently focuses on two related issues. One is the approach of school development. With his colleagues, he is conducting a practical research under the social construction theory in Beitang District, Wuxi city, China. They try to apply the Appreciative Inquiry into the education field and argue that effective school change should begin with positive affirmation. The other is the nature of educational leadership. He thinks that leadership is inherently relational. The core task of educational leader is to build and improve all kinds of relationship.

He has published more than 50 articles. They may be found in some leading journals of China and book chapters. Dr. Chen has won awards for his research and work, such as the Fourth National Outstanding Achievement of Education Science Award and the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Jiangsu Province Award.