Hui-Chun Lo

Taipei City, Taiwan


Hui-Chun Lo earned his master degree in Marriage and Family therapy from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2010.  He was inspired by Marjorie Roberts, Stephen Gaddis and Evan Longin’s postmodern work at the Salem Center, Salem, Massachusetts. He started attending their workshops and conferences in 2007 and later became their intern at the Salem Center, one of the critical centers in postmodern development in New England. 

After he got his degree, Hui-Chun decided to come back to Taiwan with his family. He is currently working at the Mackay Memorial Hospital Counseling Center in Taipei as a family therapist. He and his interns use the Reflecting Process to work together with their clients. 

Hui-Chun also creates collaborative relationships with medical doctors and nurses in hospice ward, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology and pediatrics to create collaborative care so health care professionals can work with patients as a team. Moreover, he is creating dialogical space between medical students and clinical teachers. This is quite a shift for the regular medical education. Hui-Chun is very committed to bringing dialogical practice to medical school education. He has participated in the ICCP training in Taiwan and wants to devote himself more in dialogical practice. For Hui-Chun, Postmodern ideas not only enrich his clinical practice, but also influences his daily life.

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