Jeff Faris, MA

The Family Institute
School of Psychology
Faculty of Life Science and Education
University of South Wales
Wales UK
CF37 1DL or
Phone: +44(0)1443 483821

Jeff Faris is a Clinical Psychologist and Consultant Psychotherapist. He served two terms of office as Chair of the Family Institute and also served as Training Director, Clinical Consultant and Chair of the Ethics Committee. With over 30 years of clinical experience he has presented his work at a number of international conferences, workshops and symposiums.

Alongside clinical practice Jeff has played a major role in the design, development and review of The Family Institute psychotherapy and counseling training programs and teaches on all these courses. He has also contributed to working groups tasked to review national benchmarks and policy on psychotherapy training, consultation and referral guidelines.

Jeff has many years of experience in consultation to teams and organizations across a range of institutions and practices. He is interested in how meaning is constructed and behaviour is organized within complex systems. Discovering new insights from readings of “old” ideas inspired by Lewin’s Field Theory and Existentialist Psychiatry of Binswanger and Boss, Jeff is revisiting Bateson’s and Milton Erickson’s influence on the field of Interactional Psychotherapy. His special interest in applying these ideas to interactional and contextual understandings of leadership and group processes in learning and teaching has taken him on unexpected journeys.

Jeff holds a qualification in Hostile Environment Close Protection and has trained Humanitarian Aid workers and NGO personnel who operate in hostile environments in survival skills including negotiating with armed groups.

Worked closely on leadership development with police department instructors in South Wales he produced a report based on an action research study exploring a wilderness based leadership exercise. Further experience with police officer training included practical engagement with fear acclimatization exercises, officer safety training, edged weapon defense and public order exercises.

He is a member of the Military Education Committee in South Wales and a working group to action the University of South Wales Armed Forces Covenant.

In his youth Jeff spent considerable time studying Indian Philosophy with a special interest in Advaita Vedanta and later Tibetan Nyingma Buddhism. At an early stage in his career he had the opportunity and privilege to explore traditional African Medicine through the kindness of Nyangas and Sangomas who opened many doors.

African-Cuban and Brazilian music and drumming have been a joy and solace all his life and he has in the past played with Jazz-fusion and Samba Batteria groups in the UK. He is a spectacularly unsuccessful surfer and well practiced in falling off surfboards.

Alongside his interest in history and inter-cultural social evolution Jeff enjoys travel and languages. With English as his mother tongue, he speaks Afrikaans, basic German and very basic Spanish. He studied classical Arabic for a year as an undergraduate student (but never learned to speak). He has forgotten almost all the Japanese he learned and is currently struggling to make headway with Russian and Hindi.

He brings to his work a fascination with the way in which apparently distinct patterns may reveal synergy and how apparently solid entities may unfold a multiplicity of distinctions.