Paulo Renatus Jesus, Ph.D.

Center of Philosophy Alameda da Universidade
1600-214 Lisboa


Paul Renatus Jesus studied philosophy and psychology at Coimbra University and at University Catholique Louvain (MA degree with honors, 2000). In July 2006, under the supervision of Profs F. Gil and J. Petitot, he obtained his PhD in Philosophy and Social Sciences at Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales (EHESS, Paris), defending a dissertation on time consciousness, selfhood and personal identity based on theoretical research. Since receiving his PhD, Paulo has been developing his own individual research projects and participating in various collective international projects. His main individual projects are focused on selfhood and identity. The permanent host institution has been the Philosophy Center of the University of Lisbon (CFUL, Portugal), but others have been: 1) PI of a collective research seminar on the “Self as production of truth: revisiting constructivism”, hosted and funded by “Collège international de philosophie” (Paris, France) in 2006-08; 2) Visiting scholar at New York University and Columbia U., in 2007-08; 3) Stagiaire Post-doc at the Center for Research in Applied Epistemology (CREA, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France, under Prof. J. Petitot’s mentorship), in 2009-10; 4) Professeur invité at EHESS, in March-April 2009, to present a seminar for Graduate students on Biographical Time and Experience; 5) post-doc in Moral Education at Coimbra U. (2013-14); 6) PI of a research seminar on “Cosmopolitan Justice” at CIPh, Paris (2013-15).

Drawing on Paulo’s research record and his network of institutions and colleagues, he has conceived and launched an international, interdisciplinary, research project: “Poetics of Selfhood: Memory, Imagination, and Narrativity” (PTDC/MHC-FIL/4203/2012. This was funded by the Portuguese Ministry of Science, where he has gathered a very diverse team of 34 scholars from 7 countries. Also, he has been an active researcher and organizer of international conferences in different collective projects at Lisbon, funded by National and European Grants, namely: 1) “Phenomenology of Subjectivity and passivity” (1999-01; 2) “Philosophy, Medicine, and Society” (2007-11); 3) “Luso-Spanish Integrated Action on Modern Science”, a joint venture by New U of Lisbon and Granada U, in 2010-12; 4) “Medical Art and Scientific Intelligibility”, at New U of Lisbon, in 2013-14, funded by Gulbenkian Foundation; 5) “The conception of Nature in medical thought”, in 2012-15; (6) “Affectivity and Liminality” (funded by ESF, dir. P. Stenner, Open U.). Paulo also lectures at Portucalense University for several courses in BA and MA degrees of Psychology, Education, and Law. He belongs to the Editorial board of 2 journals and serves as reviewer in 6 journals.

Main Published Studies:

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