Previous Associate Workshops & Conferences

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Appreciative Inquiry

Applications of Appreciative Inquiry, 2013, 2015
Appreciative Coaching: The Art of Transformation, 2013, 2015
Appreciative Inquiry Designing Experience Based Learning, 2011-2012
Appreciative Inquiry for Strategic Planning: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change, 2011-2012
Appreciative Inquiry Foundations Workshop: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change, 2009-2013
Appreciative Inquiry in Dialogue with ABCD, 2009
Appreciative Inquiry Summit, 2010, 2012
Appreciative Inquiry Summit (Online), 2013, 2015
Appreciative Inquiry Summit by Corporation for Positive Change, 2009
Appreciative Inquiry: A Workshop for Those Engaged in Organization Transformation, 2010
Appreciative Inquiry: Past, Present and Future, 2016
Appreciative Leadership Development Program, 2009-2013, 2015
Appreciative Leadership Development Program: Trainer Certification Workshop, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013
Building on Community Strengths: AI and ABCD in Dialogue, 2009
Choosing the Positive: Leading and Living Appreciatively Every Day, 2009
Creating the Strength-Based Organization: Using Appreciative Socio-Technical System Design, 2010
Cultivating Strengths with Appreciative Inquiry, 2010-2013
Frameworks for Inspiring Change, 2009
LEAD from Your Strengths: A Simple Way to Address Daily Challenges and Opportunities, 2099, 2010, 2011, 2012
Leading Positive Change: An Appreciative Inquiry Workshop, 2009
Listening to the Future: Engaging the Next Generation in Appreciative Inquiry, 2009
Selling Appreciatively, 2010
Sustaining Cooperative Capacities: An Appreciative Inquiry Workshop for Lasting Positive Change, 2010
Positive Pivot: A Global Virtual AI Jam
Tackling Today’s Challenges with Positive Change: An Appreciative Inquiry Foundation, 2010
The Art of the Question, 2009
The Bethel Summer Institute: An Appreciative Inquiry Colloquy, 2009, 2010
The Foundations of Appreciative Engagement, 2011
The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: Theory and Practice, 2015
The Imagine Conference: developing Peter Lang’s thinking in different contexts, 2014
Voices of Learners: Show, Know, and Grow the GOOD! 2009
Imagine Inclusion: An AI Diversity Workshop, 2003
Appreciative Inquiry: Leading and Managing High Energy/High Impact Organizational Change, 2003

Collaborative Practices

Collaborative and Dialogical Practices in Action, 2014
Collaborative Approach in Therapy, Training and Supervision, 2015
Collaborative Dialogic Practice across Culture and Context, 2016
Collaborative Inquiry: A Methodological Exploration, 2016
Collaborative Medical Negligence Seminar, 2012
Collaborative Practice of Buddhist Psychotherapy with Life Demonstrations, 2013
Collaborative Practices in Organizations, Therapy, Education and Research, 2010
Collaborative Practices: Applications across Multiple Practice Contexts, 2012
Collaborative Practices: Clinical & Community Contexts, 2012
Collaborative Supervision Workshops, 2012
Collaborative Supervision Course: Part I, 2011
Collaborative Supervision Course: Part II, 2011
Collaborative Supervision Refresher Course, 2011
Introduction to the Collaborative Practices, 2015
Second Latin American Conference on Collaborative and Dialogic Practices: Conversations and Relationships which Open Possibilities, 2015

Community Development

Community Engagement: Communities in Recovery, 2009
Creative Activities for Community Engagement, 2009
Imagine: Frameworks for Inspiring Community Engagement, 2009
Peacebuilding through Arts and Media, 2013
Strengthening School Community Partnerships, 2009
Transforming Imagination about Community, 2009

Narrative Therapy

Advanced Narrative Therapy Intensive in Tuscany, Italy, 2013, 2015
EFTC yearlong Narrative Course, 2014-2015
Engaging in Narrative Conversations: Refreshing the Spirit of Our Work, 2009
De las prácticas relacionales a la política, 2013
Introduction to Narrative Therapy, 2013-2015
Narrative Therapy Intensive Level I, 2014
Narrative Therapy Intensive Level II, 2015
Narrative: Theory and Practices for Healing Self, Building Community and Organizing Change, 2013
The Craft & Art of Narrative Therapy Enquiry, 2013
The Narrative Therapy Initiative at the Salem Center, 2012
Therapeutic Conversations X: Innovations in Narrative Therapy, 2012
Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy Advanced Supervision Certificate Training, 2011
Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy Level I, 2011

Organization Development and Leadership

Embodied Leadership Circle, 2014
Empowering Citizen Leadership, 2009
Interventive and Innovative Practices: Curiosity at Work, 2010
Performance by Design: Building a Strength-Based Culture, 2010
Rapid Strategy Development: Get Engagement and Results Quicker, 2009-2012, 2014
Transformational Leadership, 2011
The Strength-Based Leader, 2009-2010


Qualitative Research, 2013
The Eighth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, 2012

Social Construction

The How of Performance Activism
Postmodern Social Construction Philosophy and Practices, 2011
International Summer Institute: A Week of Exploring Postmodern/Social Construction Collaborative-Dialogue Philosophy and Practices, 2012-2015, 2017

Therapy and Healthcare

An Immersion Program in Social Therapeutics, 2021
Capturing the Moment: Reaching New Heights on Single-Session Therapy and Walk-In Services, An International Symposium, 2015
From Counseling to Coaching, 2011-2013
International Conference on The Dialogical Self, 2012
Open Dialogue Weekend Seminars in Spring, 2014
Say Something Useful: The Art of Generative Conversation, 2012-2013
Social Therapeutics & The Practice of Method, 2016
Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR), 2013
Supervision as a Reflective and Community Process, 2009
Therapeutic Conversations Conference, 2010, 2014-2015
The International Innovation Expedition in Health Care: Creating Practical Pathways, 2009-2011


Building Strategic Capacity for the Age of Innovation, 2012
CMM as Spiritual Practice, 2011
Getting Out of Our Heads: The history and current state and impact of critiques of mainstream psychology, 2021
Improv & Democracy
Performing the World Happening(s), 2021
Nurturing Resilience for Sustained Peacebuilding, 2013
Performing the World Happening(s), 2021
Renewing the Heart of Teaching, 2009