Rhetoric in Action: Philosophy, Psychology, and Politics, by Herbert W. Simons



Rhetoric in Action: Philosophy, Psychology, and Politics

by Herbert W. Simons

Copyright © 2020, Taos Institute Publications/WorldShare Books
Copyright © 2020, Herbert W. Simons

ISBN: 978-1-938552-77-9

This book is a collection of works by Herb Simons, which contains some of his most important articles. For a good number of years Simons has been a leading figure in the study of rhetoric and communication. His work is especially known within the United States, but it has also had an international reach. Simons has been instrumental in the movement to transform rhetoric from being a dusty, dry and backward looking discipline into one which is at the forefront of new developments in the study of human communication. Simons has been recognized by his disciplinary association for his contribution to the discipline of rhetoric, he remains very much opposed to orthodox, disciplinary thinking. His work celebrates the spirit of questioning orthodoxies of thought. And the new, revived discipline of rhetoric has provided an ideal home for him.

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