Spirituality, Social Construction and Relational Processes: Essays and Reflections, Editor: Duane Bidwell


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Spirituality, Social Construction and Relational Processes: Essays and Reflections
Editor: Duane Bidwell

ISBN: 978-1-938552-49-6
Copyright © 2016

This edited collection explores how spirituality and social construction, broadly construed, can enrich each other for the benefit of the world.

Leading practitioners from Europe and North America offer a rich integration of personal and professional stories that map the contours of contemplative constructionism. Taking a critical, reflexive stance, they write biographically about their spiritual and religious identities, positions, commitments, exploring how spirituality and constructionism intersect in their practices.

Essays encompass a broad range of professional and spiritual commitments; the writers represent Appreciative Inquiry, education, organizational development, ministry, psychology, and psychotherapy, as well as spiritualities informed by Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and indigenous traditions.

The book offers creative insights into the ways that (a) spirituality can shape the use of social constructionist ideas and practices and (b) constructionist ideas and practices inform and reform people’s spiritualities.

Contributions include Saliha Bava (USA), “Making of a Spiritual/Religious Hyperlinked Identity;” Bill Blaine-Wallace (USA), “Trans-religious Conversations that Refresh Academy Discourse;” Amalia Carli (Norway), “Spiritual Migrations: Boundaries and Connections between Social Construction, Spiritual Endeavors, and Clinical Work;” Daniel Cho (Canada), “The Seeds of a Spiritual Journey;” Kenneth J. Gergen (USA), “Constructing Spirit, Spiritualizing Construction;” Dian Marie Hosking (The Netherlands), “Relating Shambhala Buddhism and Relational Constructionism: Constructing Enlightened Society;” Brandon McKoy (USA), “Seeing through the Mirror: A Christian Pastor’s Encounter with Social Constructionism;” and Miriam Subirana (Spain), “Letting Go.”

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