Peggy Penn WorldShare Fund

The Peggy Penn WorldShare Books Fund supports the publication of new WorldShare Books on topics related to the work and interests of Peggy Penn, Ph.D.

The fund is in honor of Peggy Penn, MSW, Ph.D., and was established by her family in collaboration with the Taos Institute.

Peggy, who died in 2012, was an internationally recognized family therapist, author, teacher and poet. Peggy was an associate of the Taos Institute, and received her doctorate at Tilburg University. Peggy directed several training programs at The Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York, including a project addressing domestic violence among couples, and a project introducing letter writing into therapy. She introduced “future questions” to family therapy, and is the author of cutting-edge books in family therapy, numerous professional articles and two books of poetry.

Peggy was an outstanding therapist and presenter. Her work was so powerful that after one presentation, the audience was speechless. The conference moderator had to call for a break in order for the members of the audience to recompose themselves before asking questions. Over time, Peggy became a mentor to many and a treasured friend.

Marjorie Roberts, Ph.D. is the coordinator of this new fund, and will help in the selection of the books on family therapy and poetry that will be inscribed with a special acknowledgement to Peggy Penn, Ph.D. and supported by the fund.

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