The Mary Gergen Memorial Fund

It is with heavy hearts, deep gratitude, and overflowing love that we share the news that Mary Gergen passed away on the morning of September 22, 2020.  

We all know Mary as a lively, courageous, and innovative trailblazer.  With Ken, Mary created a global community — a family of caring, committed scholars and practitioners whose central desire is to make the world a better place for all.  And, the world is a better place for her presence in it and her connection to us all.  We send our warmest embraces to you all.  

~The Taos Institute Board

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Mary Gergen, Ph.D. was a co-founder of the Taos Institute, Taos board member, professor of Psychology at University of Pennsylvania, and was an innovator in feminist theory, social constructionism, and qualitative methods. She deeply cared about making the world a better place.  She was an inspiration and mentor to thousands of people around the world. Her contributions to the world will be felt for generations.  Her intellectual, caring, playful, and joyful spirit will live on.  Mary will be greatly missed by her family and friends and those who knew her and her work.

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