Sally St. George, Ph.D.

University of Calgary
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Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4

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Sally St. George, PhD, is a Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary. Sally’s specialty is teaching marriage and family therapy and social work practice courses, and she served as the University of Calgary’s designer and first director of the Couple and Family Therapy Program from 2016-2020. She is also a therapist and supervisor with the Calgary Family Therapy Centre. Sally is dedicated to studying and improving teaching methods in higher education. She has been awarded the Faculty of Social Work Graduate Teaching Excellence Award (2016), the Faculty of Social Work Graduate Supervising Excellence Award (2017), and the University of Calgary Teaching Award for Full-Time Academic Staff (Professor) (2017).

Sally is a co-editor of two books: Family Therapy as Socially Transformative Practice: Practical Strategies (2016) and Patterns in Interpersonal Interactions: Inviting Relational Understandings for Therapeutic Change (2014). She is also a Senior Editor for The Qualitative Report (, a free online journal dedicated to publishing creative and well-done qualitative research articles from many disciplines across the world. In this position, Sally reviews and edits manuscript submissions by joining with reviewers and authors in creating a positive and generative learning community. 

Sally’s program of research, presenting, and writing have focused on bridging the divisions across research and practice, social work and family therapy, teaching and learning. She and her husband and colleague, Dan Wulff, have developed an initiative called Research As Daily Practice in order to create and showcase relevant and useful processes for using knowledge developed within our everyday professional activities. 

Sally has been associated with the Taos Institute since 1993, first as a graduate student intrigued with social constructionist ideas and as a Board Member since 2005. Her Taos colleagues have been her professional “home” throughout her academic career.

Most recently, Sally is interested in developing a new type of interdisciplinary and creative community service/clinic to help practitioners reconceptualize situations that have been characterized as “impossible.” This dovetails with her service on the Advisory Board for the Global Partnership for Transformative Social Work in which Sally joins other colleagues in educating, researching, and practicing for greater social justice locally and globally.

Sally is an avid ballroom dancer. For 15 years, she and her favorite partner, Dan, have been taking lessons, practicing, and enjoying dancing socially. Their favorite dances are the waltz, two step, and the Argentine tango.

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